A Plea

Hello everyone. I just watched the mother of the Charlottesville, VA woman who was killed during the recent rally. She eulogized her daughter in the most eloquent possible way. Tears came shooting out of my eyes and my muscles began to involuntarily shake. I tried to imagine her pain and listen to her words simultaneously; the waves of emotion were almost too much to bear. Please seek out video of her if you haven’t already.

I have taken the step of blocking every mainstream media and political site on my Twitter account. I am finding it more difficult on Facebook, but I will not stop until I no longer see hatred on my social media. The overexposure is literally causing me physical pain and I fear strangers in a way I have never feared them before. I am begging all that read this to please, please stop posting stuff that fuels hatred. I am willing to read about and research whatever it is you believe in, but please give me legitimate sources. Help me get to the truth, along with you.

I want to see what is real. Examples would include: pictures of your family, things you have fun doing, things you learned about yourself and/or life, how you are doing, things like that. No one can refute, debate, or troll happiness or knowledge. I wanted to cancel all my social media accounts altogether, but for now I think the best move is to use them to encourage what is real and reject what is not. The more we fight each other, the more those in control do not have to atone for their sins.

Thank you for reading this post, and I wish you epiphanies. Oh, and the picture of Buzz was to lure you in. Dogs rule. Truth told.

With love,


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